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Mary cassatt
The big works
Entre lineas (ed. bilingüe espaol-ingles)
Una mirada fotografica
L architettura del modernismo catalano: autori e opere
Excess. fashion and the underground in the 80 s
Why white kids love hip hop
David tremlett (catala-english-french-spanish)
Serge poliakoff: retrospectiva. 1935-1969
Euskadi museos museoak (bilingüe castellano-euskera)
Angel sevillano: obra
Perugino: il divin pittore
Gian marco montesano
Mangelos nos 1-9 1/2 (ed. bilingüe ingles-castellano)
Meninas: mito, invencion, realidad
Gregor schneider
Francesca galliani: real
The darkness: permission to rock!: the unofficial book
The spiritual landscape: drawn from the collection of the solomon r. guggenheim museum, new york
Medieval art (2nd ed)
Return of the b science fiction and horror heroes: the mutant mel ding of two volumes of classic interviews
Ella fitzgerald 1935-1948: the chick webb years & beyond (ken vai l'
Plessi (catala-english-spanish)
Marc riboud: 50 years of photography
Porte: il design della migliore produzione
Icons: divine beauty
Count basie: swingin'
Que se sepa! maldito jose ortega cano: ojala no te hubiera conoc ido
Joan miro 1893-1993 (catalogo exposicion)
How we hear music: the realitionship between music and the hearin g mechanism
Joan miro obra
Emanuel ungaro
Poverty row horrors!: monogram, prc and republic horror films of the forties
Saxophone and clarinet: an easy guide to reading music, playing y our first piece, enjoying the instrument
Vicious: too fast to live...
Leonardo: una carriera di pittore
Bamako 03, fotografia africana contemporania
Issey miyake: making things
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